About Us

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The Communist Party of Oklahoma has been reformed. For over one-hundred years, the socialist tradition has been kept alive in America’s heartland. Before the Russian Revolution, before the Red Scares and the Cold War, Oklahomans flew the red banner and rallied together around Oklahoma’s state motto, “Labor Omnia Vincit” (Labor Conquers All). Today, as our country has been racked by senseless wars, corporate swindles, and the sell-out of government to multinational private conglomerates, Oklahomans are once again uniting together as a class – the Working Class – who are tired of living a poor man’s life in a rich man’s world. The Communist Party of America, founded in 1919, was formed to be the militant vanguard party of the workers, firmly rooted in the revolutionary science of  Marxism Leninism. The Communist Party of Oklahoma is proud to uphold that tradition, standing against all forms of revisionism and class collaboration, and is once again organizing working people to create a society  free from oppression, poverty, and exploitation, a  true workers democracy .

To Find out more,  Contact us at: tulsacommunistparty@gmail.com

Or send us a message here:

Please check out our publication “Communist Party of Oklahoma: Who We Are, What We Stand For” by clicking the link below:


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